Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Journey continues ...

Today marks the Fifth Anniversary of the day I received the divine call, to embark on a spiritual journey to the unknown. I feel so happy, I had the courage  and the vulnerability to accept the call and surrender myself to the existence, that sent me through the  kiln of love to forge me into the person I am today.

Over a span of five years, I witnessed my 'old self' falling away and the gradual emergence of a new being. I am thankful to all the divine souls who entered my life to lift me up , to inspire me and guide me to discover my own unique path of love & devotion. Through the ups and downs of a spiritual journey of five years, I learned an important lesson. To the one who feels gratitude from his/her heart and soul, life becomes an amazing journey.....

Thank you beloved souls for being in my life !! 

14 th May 2017

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