Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Rising

Caught in storm
thrown to rock bottom
died before death.

Goddess is rising
from ashes
for the new mission

Never be afraid to fall.
Never be afraid of storms.
Never be afraid to “die before death”
Rock bottom is the solid foundation of the Sacred Temple.

Phoenix is born from the ashes.

Words by Me.
Image Credit : The Artist

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Return to Nature. Return Home

Fall in love with Nature.
You will never feel lonely again !!!

Appreciate the little miracles. When we are able to see beauty in a dew drop, a wild flower, the green grass, stillness of water as well as the flow, clouds in the sky, colours of the sunset and sunrise etc. etc. this whole Existence becomes a miracle.

Nature offers so much to us, though we hardly notice. Even in the barren desert, the sky will always be there to fascinate us. Fall in love with Nature. You will never be disappointed.

Return to Nature. Return Home.

Words and Image by Me

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Trust the Universe !!!

When one door closes
a better door opens.
Never waste your time and energy
waiting at the closed door.
Pay gratitude for the good times
and move on.
Trust the Universe.

Last week I faced a setback in my yoga practices. Though I felt a little sad, I believed that something better would come my way. I offered gratitude for the good times and let the Universe take charge of the situation... and... lol... I am all smiles today.

Universe always responds to a grateful heart !!

Image and words by Me

Monday, April 30, 2018

Peace begins from within.

MEDITATION is a Face to Face Confrontation with one’s Own Self.

Meditation gives us the opportunity to meet our ‘shadow self’ and identify our insecurities and anxieties so that we may learn to deal with them, and work towards attaining inner peace.

Peace begins from within.

Words by Me
Image Credit : Photo Artist

Monday, April 23, 2018

Happiness is just a "Thought" away !!

Happiness is just a thought away !!

Happiness is the “Gift” we receive for Thankfulness. Happiness comes to those who are thankful for every little thing they receive in life, to those who never take life/ things/ people for granted.

If you are not happy with the life you are living, think back and check where you lack thankfulness. 

Are you thankful for having a roof over your head, when there are so many out there in the world with no shelter and living on streets?

Are you thankful that you have something to eat, when a part of the world is  living in hunger and poverty?

Are you thankful that you have fresh air to breathe, when some people are suffocating due to air pollution?

Are you thankful for what you already have in your life that may be only a dream to someone else?

Check back and let the list grow and feel thankful for every little thing in your life and watch how your life will change for the better in no time!!!

Words by Me
Image Credit : The Photo Artist

Friday, April 20, 2018


Non-attachment comes with deep awareness of impermanence. Only then can we appreciate and live life to the fullest !!!

Sooner or later, we all must wake up to the Reality. Man goes through immense suffering due to attachment not realizing that everything we see, hear, touch and perceive through the five senses is only temporary. The world that we see, people, objects are going through a continuous process of change and decay. Getting attached to the temporary world is an invitation to emotional pain and misery.

The one who is “awake” will engage in his/her worldly duties with non- attachment, fully aware of the impermanence of life. Such a person lives in the world but does not allow the world to live in him/her. He/she is only an “observer” of the drama of life, while fully living in the present moment, growing through each and every experience, with gratitude.

Words by Me
Image Credit  : The Artist

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

As inner world, so is outer world

As inner world, so is outer world. Everything we need - peace, happiness, love - is within us. We create our reality with our thoughts. When our inner world is peaceful, we find peace even in chaos. When we find our beauty within, even what is normally considered as "ugly" becomes beautiful to our eyes. When we love ourselves and accept ourselves with all our imperfections, we do not need the world to approve and appreciate us. When we love who we are, we are able to live happily even when we are alone.

Words by Me
Artwork Credit : The Artist

The Rising

Caught in storm thrown to rock bottom died before death. Goddess is rising from ashes for the new mission Love. Never be...