Friday, April 20, 2018


Non-attachment comes with deep awareness of impermanence. Only then can we appreciate and live life to the fullest !!!

Sooner or later, we all must wake up to the Reality. Man goes through immense suffering due to attachment not realizing that everything we see, hear, touch and perceive through the five senses is only temporary. The world that we see, people, objects are going through a continuous process of change and decay. Getting attached to the temporary world is an invitation to emotional pain and misery.

The one who is “awake” will engage in his/her worldly duties with non- attachment, fully aware of the impermanence of life. Such a person lives in the world but does not allow the world to live in him/her. He/she is only an “observer” of the drama of life, while fully living in the present moment, growing through each and every experience, with gratitude.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

As inner world, so is outer world

As inner world, so is outer world. Everything we need - peace, happiness, love - is within us. We create our reality with our thoughts. When our inner world is peaceful, we find peace even in chaos. When we find our beauty within, even what is normally considered as "ugly" becomes beautiful to our eyes. When we love ourselves and accept ourselves with all our imperfections, we do not need the world to approve and appreciate us. When we love who we are, we are able to live happily even when we are alone.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Yoga awakens the Warrior within you !!

Within each one of us is a Spiritual Warrior waiting to be awakened. Due to limited belief and conditioning, we think that we are not enough and blindly pursue momentary pleasures of the material world, to make us whole and complete. 

Once the Spiritual Warrior is awakened, we remember who we really are and begin to see through the illusion and the transitory nature of everything around us. When impermanence becomes crystal clear to the eye, the Warrior, like the Eagle, rises above the storms in life, non-attached and living fully present in the moment.

I was attracted towards Yoga by it's beautiful message of “oneness”. I was more interested in the philosophy and meditation than postures but soon realized that Asana and Pranayam are as important as philosophy and meditation, to help me continue the  journey to discover my true self. Each day, each experience, is a lesson to learn, to fly above the stormy waters in life and discover who I really am. Today I am extremely grateful to all those who inspired and guided me to embark on this amazing journey of self-discovery, that made me who I am today. Namaste!!

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Storms are meant to strengthen us

Storms are meant to strengthen us. When a storm comes, do not resist and break. Instead, surrender and ask yourself “What is it trying to teach me?” and learn the lesson. The storm will pass.

Grow through each storm, and one day, there will be no more storms. You will learn to surrender and observe with calm fortitude, and life will become plain sailing. Namaste !!

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Friday, April 6, 2018

The Law of Life

Simply flow with Gratitude 💖 💖

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Walk with the Rising Sun

A walk with the rising Sun is a wonderful way to begin the day. It is therapy for body, mind and soul. Other than getting a generous supply of Vitamin D from the early sun rays to keep the bones healthy,  and fresh air to fill the lungs ( when the air pollution is minimum ) ,  you get the added bonus benefit of watching the breathtaking beauty of the Sun rising from the horizon. Each step you walk, revitalizes the body, not to mention the health benefits of walking. It’s an experience beyond words that makes you feel ten years younger. After all, you are how you feel and Health is the greatest wealth.

It’s never too late to switch over to healthy habits.

Words and Image by Me

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Earthing and Gratitude

Walking barefoot on the grass is a meditation to me. With each mindful, slow step, I say "Thank You" recollecting all the blessings in my life, one by one, and the list literally has no end. When I have walked enough and breathed enough fresh air, I conclude by offering silent gratitude to Mother Earth and the Existence for this amazing experience of being a human. It is a tremendously uplifting meditation that keeps me cheerful throughout the day!!
Sharing so that others too may enjoy the benefits of Earthing and Gratitude.


Non-attachment comes with deep awareness of impermanence. Only then can we appreciate and live life to the fullest !!! Soon...