Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Ocean

The ocean called me
I had to go
To lose myself
in the depth of vastness
to let the Inner Child
Run wild and free !!

Dancing in the tidal wave
that hurled me down to kiss the shore
The wind rushed to caress my being
murmuring a loving whisper to my soul

“Hush, my child, there’s a mermaid in your soul !”

Ohhh.... how  I LOVE the Ocean !!!! 

Image credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me


  1. Lovely Piece , Inusha ! ♡Missed You

    1. Thank you so much dear Keith. So nice of you !!! Had to take a break to refresh the mind :-) still going slow :-) Much love to you !!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hope you don't agree with me now?! :)

    2. Ooh! Guessed you who am I? !! :)


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