Saturday, April 8, 2017

Conscious Love

Romantic love just happens. It comes and goes like the fresh breeze. Conscious love is an understanding. It is love with total acceptance and surrender to what IS. 

Accept love when it comes. Be vulnerable. But make sure that the love you have accepted is unconditional. If anyone is trying to manipulate you or imposing restrictions on you, be sure that it is NOT love.  Whoever gives you freedom and helps to bring out the best in you, is giving unconditional love. Do not settle for anything less than unconditional love.  Yes, you will no doubt cling to unconditional love and yes, one day that clinging will break your heart too! But do not fall in to despair. Let the heart break because such intense pain is necessary to open your heart to your own source of love and light, and heal yourself permanently. So, be brave. Go through the pain. Cry your heart out. It will cleanse you of all your negative emotions. Tears are the Nature’s best Healers.

At the end of the storm, you will come out of the “kiln”, reborn to your own Love and Light! No more dependence. No more need to search for love. You have become Love. You are “WHOLE” !!!


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    1. Thank you so much dear Keith !! Much love and gratitude !!


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