Friday, April 21, 2017

The Introvert

In Solitude
I have Company
Silence speaks
thousand words
Am I crazy ?
I begin to wonder

In Solitude
I meet my Soul-mate
And Silence becomes
A dialogue
Am I just dreaming ?
Again I wonder

Solitude is my world
Brimming with quiet Bliss
Love, Peace and FREEDOM
A joy – inexpressible !!!

In Silence, I hear
The celestial music
Divine poems for the Beloved
In the loving whispers of
A “ Pure Soul “

At times weird
At times crazy
Far too quiet
Far too modest
A Rebel to Most !!!

Who am I
I still wonder
But some call me
An Introvert !! 


  1. Beautiful and somewhat sad piece. Makes you " feel ", as good writing should ! Well Done Inusha, really like it !

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation dear Keith !! I am honored. Love and gratitude to you !!!

    2. Inusha,you really should post your work on the Main G+ Page. I'm sure other people would like to read your poetry. There is also a website called where you can have your work published.It is an international site and I'm sure you would be very welcome there. It needs more nationalities to publish their Poetry. Please give it some thought,don't be shy. Thanks,Keith,UK.

    3. That's so kind of you Keith! I have not written many poems, just a few,as I write only when I get emotionally carried away :-) I will visit the website and see if I can post some poems there. I have read some of your poetry on your page and find them all heart touching! I like simple straightforward expressions with no elaborate and flowery poetic jargon difficult for the layman to understand. On that note, I think we resonate :-) Thank you once again !!!


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