Sunday, April 30, 2017

When was the last time you lost yourself in yourself ?

Connect with your Inner Child again. Discover the Bliss of Solitude. You will never feel lonely again !!

Your inner child is waiting to be discovered, to play with you, to dance with you, to sing your song with you !! When was the last time you lost yourself in yourself ?

Get off the mad rush on the wheel. Stop and breathe. Inhale the fresh breeze and look around in amazement as if you are seeing the world for the first time. The sun rises and sets with breathtaking beauty, the flowers bloom in silence sending out fragrance, the trees grow high firmly grounded, unafraid of the wind. Have you noticed ? When was the last time you listened to a bird sing or watched the passing clouds and the colourful  patterns in the sky ? When was the last you lost yourself in Nature ?

Do you remember  as a child, how you enjoyed the little things in life, how you looked at the world in wonder !! That inner child is still alive in you, waiting to be discovered and revived. It’s never too late to connect with your inner child. Never too late to sing your song.  Never too late to discover the bliss of solitude. Stop waiting for  others to make you happy. Your best companion is within you. Your happiness is within you. Love your inner child and you will never feel lonely again !!! 

Image Credit : The Artist
Words by me

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Divine Call

On a soulful journey
In search of Light
I looked within me - in solitude
And found - I had company !

Illuminating my soul
You dwell in my heart
In absolute silence,
You have become
The Voice within !!

“ I am the Universe - So are you
Loving and neutral - One in Soul !!

“ Look beyond darkness
Embrace the Light !!
An eternal soul you are
Awaiting the higher call
Stop clinging
AND LET GO !!! “

The words echo in my ears
Vibrate in my heart
Each waking moment
Whispered in to my Soul !!!

YES !!! My beloved,
Let go, I will
Of all the sadness  
The painful bondage 
of worldly love
With one  long sigh……  I let go …

A new being  is ready
to explore again
A New Dimension …

My Beloved,
How can I ignore
The Divine Call ?

Image Credit : The Artist

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Introvert

In Solitude
I have Company
Silence speaks
thousand words
Am I crazy ?
I begin to wonder

In Solitude
I meet my Soul-mate
And Silence becomes
A dialogue
Am I just dreaming ?
Again I wonder

Solitude is my world
Brimming with quiet Bliss
Love, Peace and FREEDOM
A joy – inexpressible !!!

In Silence, I hear
The celestial music
Divine poems for the Beloved
In the loving whispers of
A “ Pure Soul “

At times weird
At times crazy
Far too quiet
Far too modest
A Rebel to Most !!!

Who am I
I still wonder
But some call me
An Introvert !! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Love & Gratitude

Love gave me a glimpse of Heaven

Gratitude walked me to Heaven

Thank you Universe !!!

Image Credit : The Artist
Words by me

Friday, April 14, 2017

Sing your song !!

There is a song in every one of us. When we allow ourselves to just BE ( Authentic Self ), the heart sings and we become co-creators of the Divine Symphony. Sing your song !!

Image Credit : Photo Artist

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Thank You for Abundance !!

I used to think that the way to express gratitude was to say “Thank you” for every blessing that I received in life, but soon realized that “Thank you”  was not merely two words, but a feeling deeply felt in the heart. 

It is the sensation that sends tears of gratitude to the eyes; the sensation that makes you feel that you are living in Heaven on Earth; the sensation that makes you believe that you are truly blessed !!

When you feel gratitude to this extent, the Universe begins to respond with abundance !!

Namaste !!!

Image Credit : Photo Artist

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Conscious Love

Romantic love just happens. It comes and goes like the fresh breeze. Conscious love is an understanding. It is love with total acceptance and surrender to what IS. 

Accept love when it comes. Be vulnerable. But make sure that the love you have accepted is unconditional. If anyone is trying to manipulate you or imposing restrictions on you, be sure that it is NOT love.  Whoever gives you freedom and helps to bring out the best in you, is giving unconditional love. Do not settle for anything less than unconditional love.  Yes, you will no doubt cling to unconditional love and yes, one day that clinging will break your heart too! But do not fall in to despair. Let the heart break because such intense pain is necessary to open your heart to your own source of love and light, and heal yourself permanently. So, be brave. Go through the pain. Cry your heart out. It will cleanse you of all your negative emotions. Tears are the Nature’s best Healers.

At the end of the storm, you will come out of the “kiln”, reborn to your own Love and Light! No more dependence. No more need to search for love. You have become Love. You are “WHOLE” !!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Letting go is a continuous process. If we do not watch ourselves, it is very easy for attachment to grow again on things that we believed to have let gone. The first sign of such attachment is the little pang of pain we feel when encountered with a situation we believed to have made peace with. When this happens, I immediately work backwards and discover some attachment and expectation lingering on in the sub consciousness. The moment I become aware of it, the pain disappears.  

From fear of losing, when I step into love and acceptance, I return to my blissful state  – peace.

Image Credit : Photo Artist

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Find your Soul :-)

Find  your  Heart
to  find  your  Soul

Your Heart  knows
      where  the  Soul  is  :-)

 Image Credit : Artist   

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Power of Gratitude

Have you ever experienced “Tears of Gratitude” ? Have you ever found yourself crying for no reason,  but only because of an overwhelming feeling in the heart when you think of all the good things that has happened to you ? If you have, then you are truly grateful to the Universe for all the blessings you have been endowed with.

The Universe responds to only one language. Your emotional frequency.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Inner Child

As we grow older it is important to discover the 'inner child' again that once kept us in awe and deeply connected with Nature. As one loses interest in the material world and the mad rush associated with it, the awakening of the inner child will gradually take place, giving a new meaning to life. 

No material gain whatsoever can surpass the joy of connecting deeply with Nature and discovering the inner child again !!

Image Credit : Photo Artist

The Rising

Caught in storm thrown to rock bottom died before death. Goddess is rising from ashes for the new mission Love. Never be...