Thursday, March 30, 2017

Expectations cause Misery

It is natural for human beings to have expectations, yet this very nature of humans bring untold misery to them. We often expect our loved ones to behave in a certain way. We have a certain image in our mind of how things should happen. We expect others to be grateful when we help them in their need. We have many expectations for our future.

If we take and analyze each one of these situations, it becomes obvious that all the frustration, the misery and the pain were caused due to expectations.

Taking the example of the behavior of a loved one, we often try to change the person to suit the mental image that we have in them. Each person in this Universe is a unique individual with unique characteristics.  By trying to change the person to suit our requirement is actually an attempt in vain. If we realize how difficult it is for us to change ourselves, we will realize the futility of attempting to change someone who is completely a different individual. It will not bring any positive outcome but frustration, misery and pain of mind, let alone distancing that will inevitably happen.

How to overcome such expectation and misery? By accepting the person as he/she is with unconditional love…. by not allowing the behavior of others to disturb our inner peace. When you allow the other person to be his/her natural self and accept the situation as it is, life becomes much more peaceful and a journey to celebrate. By not destroying the individuality of the other and giving them space to grow with unconditional love, people who earlier distanced themselves from us will again gravitate back to us because nothing is more healing than unconditional love.
It is good to have a goal in life and have a positive attitude. Many of us have a plan for the future and strive to achieve that. Perfect! While working hard to achieve our goals what we have to bear in mind is that, whatever happens to us, happens for a reason and for our highest good. If we reach our goal, we are happy. The same way if we fail to reach the goal, we must have the courage to accept that because there was a reason unknown to us that will divert our course to a much better path. Life does not end with failure. Failures are only stepping stones to success. Universe is so loving, when one door closes another door opens. Letting go of the past and accepting the present is the only way to overcome the misery caused by expectations.

When someone asks for help, some of us rush to respond.  It gives us immense pleasure to help someone in need and to see that person smiling. It is a most beautiful feeling to know that you are the reason for the smile. While rejoicing in the meritorious act, unconsciously we expect the other person to be grateful to us. When it does not happen, we feel disappointed and develop a negative feeling towards that person. What we have to keep in mind here is that no act is complete however good the intentions were, if it carried an expectation. The noblest act one can do is helping someone who can never repay us. Helping someone without expectation of any form of reward gives us joy immeasurable and will fill our life with inner peace and contentment.

To love without condition, to give without expectation, accept the present and let go of the past are the secrets to a blissful life.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

What is your perception of Love ?

Love is not the attraction to the body.
Love is not possessing the other.
Love is not sex.
Love is not trying to change the other.
Love is not controlling the other.
Love is not expecting the other to reciprocate in the same manner.
Love is not a relationship with the other.

What then is Love ?
Love is respecting the other’s feelings.
Love is loving the person inside the physical body.
Love is giving freedom.
Love is allowing the other to grow as an individual.
Love is accepting the other as he/she is with all his/her imperfections.
Love is the happiness of the other.
Love has no conditions.
Love is a state of being.
Love transforms and takes us to the heights of Divinity !!!

These are my perception of Love. I would love to hear the views of others too so that I can keep growing this list. Thank you !!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Be connected. Be empowered !!

Attachment is often mistaken as love in worldly relationships. We get attracted to a person for some reason and attach ourselves to him/her in the belief that we are in love with that person. Out of this mistaken belief arise expectations, jealousy and the fear of losing that person. Expectation, jealousy and fear are negative energies that rob us of our peace of mind and keep draining us emotionally, reducing us to miserable beings searching for happiness in the outer world.

On the other hand, when we make a soul connection, the bond is formed between two souls. Soul is infinite and not limited by the physical realities of the third dimension. Love flows freely with no conditions, no expectations, but simply for the joy of loving !!  As there is no attachment, there is no expectation of reciprocation from the other. Instead, one feels grateful that the other is there to receive love, irrespective of the type of acknowledgement. As one does not possess the other, there is no fear of losing. Other is not a “person” but an infinite soul. Death is only a transition to a new dimension. Such deep connection of the souls , in fact, empowers us. There is a continuous supply of  “loving energy” radiating in all directions unconditionally. The more love we give out, the more we are empowered !!

Be connected. Be empowered.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Change happens on its own, from within ... it could be a book, it could be an event, it could happen from nothing…. change takes its own time to happen. It’s no use forcing ourselves to change. Even if we succeed in doing that, it will be only short lived. Real change  takes real time. There is no catalyst for change. We just have to go with the flow, gracefully and gratefully. ..until one day, it suddenly happens and you find yourself bubbling with enthusiasm for life again !!!

Let’s flow with life, gracefully and with a heart full of gratitude !!!  

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Feeling of Gratitude is the Doorway to an Amazing Life !!

The one who feels gratitude from his/her heart and soul lives in a constant state of bliss !!

The blissful feeling of gratitude does not come in one step. We need to practice it daily 24/7, from the time we wake up in the morning till the time we sleep at night. We need to consciously appreciate everything that has been given to us by the existence with a heart full of gratitude, until it becomes a way of life.

Humans have a tendency to take things for granted. When we achieve something, we take pride in ourselves, believe that it was the hard work and the commitment that paid off. True ! Nothing can be gained without an effort on our part but do we at least take a moment to think how everything went smoothly with no obstacles to hinder our progress? Do we take time to appreciate the invisible force of Nature that graciously allowed things to happen smoothly for us? While celebrating success, we need to feel gratitude to the existence for allowing things to happen the way they did. Existence does not take sides. It only responds to our emotional attitude. When we feel gratitude from the heart and soul, Existence responds by blessing our lives with abundance !

“Whoever has gratitude will be given more, and he or she will have an abundance. Whoever does not have gratitude, even what he or she has will be taken from him or her.” – The Magic

As you wake up in the morning, look outside the window and feel thankful to be alive to experience another wonderful day. Consciously feel thankful for everything that you have, that help you to run the day. Feel thankful for the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe without which we cannot survive. Feel thankful that you have a roof over your head and whatever material possessions that you have, because there are many out there who are yearning for what you already have. Never take anything for granted.

Practice gratitude daily and gradually your life  will be filled with abundance, inner joy and bliss !!!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

To  the  Earth  we  belong
To the Earth we return
This life is a dream
within a dream
Dance while
The Music
is still

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sky Gazing

Lying on the grass and gazing at the clouds in the sky is always a wonderful experience. You come to appreciate the coolness  of the Earth,  vastness of the Universe, the beauty of the Existence and  what a blessing it is to be alive to witness all the wonderful things that life has to offer. Each moment, the Divine Creator  paints a different picture in the sky that captivates the mind, and even before we could grasp the beauty of it, the sky has changed itself to an even more fascinating scenario. Each time I watch the sky, one thing strikes my mind. That ‘Change’ is beautiful …. if only we could look at change with eyes of gratitude. If only we could believe that everything happens for the best…. 

As RUMI says,  “How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”      

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The Rising

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