Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Inner Strength

In loving myself
In respect for myself
In knowing my worth
I reclaim the Divine Power
present within me.

Love yourself. Respect yourself. Know your worth. Until you do that, you are going to be used and abused by the people around you. Discover the inner strength and stand in your own light !!!

Image Credit : The Artist
Words by Me

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fear & Courage

Fear is the biggest obstacle in our path. The Spiritual Warrior attains his goals, not because he has no fear but because he has the courage to face the unknown !!

Nothing really grows in the Comfort zone. 

Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Ocean

The ocean called me
I had to go
To lose myself
in the depth of vastness
to let the Inner Child
Run wild and free !!

Dancing in the tidal wave
that hurled me down to kiss the shore
The wind rushed to caress my being
murmuring a loving whisper to my soul

“Hush, my child, there’s a mermaid in your soul !”

Ohhh.... how  I LOVE the Ocean !!!! 

Image credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Yesterday I resisted change
Life was so full of pains
Today I flow with change
Life is all smiles and gains !!
- Inusha

Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me

Saturday, July 22, 2017


A situation accepted with Gratitude, transforms itself to a blissful experience. With Acceptance, flow, joy and bliss.

Acceptance is difficult at the beginning because the Ego projects a fearful image of the future. But when we allow the heart to take control and feel gratitude, the entire situation transforms !!!

Image Credit : The Artist
Words by Me

Sunday, July 16, 2017

To those who are going through a hard phase in life ...

Try not to consider this drama of life as a bad dream. It is your part of the experience that you are supposed to change. It will not last any longer, only if you intend to change it. For that, you have to first learn to love your real self, your real life and people ( souls ) and things (realization of thoughts ) around you as a part of yourself    ( the God ); because you are the beautiful Universe, having the power to control everything around you, with your positive imaginations !!

Image Credit : The Artist
Words : An excerpt from the book "The Divine Journey"

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Embrace Pain

Pain, when embraced fully
Becomes Catharsis
Cleansing the Soul
Unveiling the Real You
The Stronger You, Infinite You
The Divine You.
Embrace pain.

"The cure for the pain is in the pain" - Rumi

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Forgiveness comes easy
when I understand that
Everyone is doing their best
at their level of consciousness.

Who am I to judge ? 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Rising in love

Love and romance come in our worldly lives like a fresh breeze; we feel it's fragrance, but we cannot hold it longer like the first wave of wind that we breathed .... it's a flow that grows and enters into new dimensions !! So, go with the flow, instead of trying to hold the first wave of wind that entered your being !!

Grow in " friendliness " and " togetherness ", never stay at one point; you will become static and then there will be no purpose of this wonderful human life that we have been blessed with !!!

Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words : An excerpt from the book The Divine Journey

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Cosmic Journey

Life is a journey. Not a station to grow old.
Life can be a thrilling and amazing journey for the Traveler,
who got nothing to lose,
but an entire Universe to enjoy and explore !!
Let go of attachments. Leave the baggage.
Take a dive and enjoy the Cosmic Journey
The entire Universe is within you !!!

 Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It's time now ...

A time comes in life when you get tired of hiding from the world. Your inner light shines so much it is no longer possible to contain the light within. Come may whatever storm, the flower must blossom now !!!

Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Key to Happiness

The key to happiness is to live without expectation. More the expectations, higher the risk of getting hurt. Love for the joy of loving. Give for the joy of giving. Practice unconditional love. Live happily ever after.

When you experience a deep soul connection beyond the physical dimension and feel oneness with the soul you are interacting with, by remembering that the other is but a reflection of your own self, every action performed by you will bring joy to you. The real joy is in giving because when you give to another, you give to yourself. It is same as when you hurt another, you hurt your own self.

A deep sense of oneness is the key to live happily forever !!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Happy Forever !!!

Today I choose to be happy forever !!
To be happy or sad
is my choice !!!

Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Awakening

The process of awakening is painful. Your whole world is shattered. The Matrix crumbles down leaving you staring at the naked truth. But, it is only the beginning. As you gradually learn to accept the truth of who you really are, you become an  infinite being  of love and light, celebrating the journey of life with Blissful Awareness !!

Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Be your own Cheerleader !!

Be your own cheerleader !! You deserve your own love. Nothing in the world can make you truly happy, if you don't appreciate and love yourself !!! 

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Loving Mirror

I saw " Me " through your eyes
and learned to love myself

The "treasures" within me
I did not see
until you pointed out

The "Spring of Love " remained within
until you shattered the walls

In the " storm"  I dissolved
and found my being
mirrored in you !!!

Are you Me
or Am I You ?
Whither Lover
Whither Beloved

I have no clue !!!!!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Thank You Universe !!!

I am grateful

For All that was

All that is

All that will be

Thank You Universe !!!

Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Life is a Gift

Life is a gift, not a prize. It is an opportunity given to us to discover the higher self. Every experience counts. Grow through the experiences and make sure that when you leave the world, your SOUL is  at a much better state than it was, when you arrived.

Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words by Me

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Forgiveness  is  the

First Step  in  the

Ascension  to  the

Higher Self

Image Credit : The Artist
Words by Me

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Taking Responsibility for my Actions

There was a time I used to blame others for everything that happened to me. I was convinced that if the others had been more considerate, more thoughtful, more understanding, I would not have been in this plight today. It was all his/her/their fault. I was the helpless victim and strangely, I liked playing the victim.

I wouldn’t have failed if the others had helped me.
I would not have made the mistake if the other had supported me.
I would not have forgotten if the other had reminded me.
I could have been a successful person if the others had supported me.
That person spoils my whole day !!

Poor me !! I had failed in life because of what others did or did not do for me. I had mastered the art of putting the blame on others and playing the victim all the time. And I was miserable !!

That was only five years ago, when I simply refused to take responsibility for my actions or what had happened to me. Today, I have an entirely different perspective on life.

I am responsible for ALL my actions and all that had happened to me. No one but myself  is to be blamed for allowing such things to happen to me.

Why can’t I stand on my own feet ?
Why do I need the help of the others to succeed ?
Why can’t I work alone ?
Why do I allow others to pull me down ?
Why do I allow others to destroy my peace of mind ?
Why should my happiness depend on others ?

I am  the Universe, experiencing a human life. I have all the power within me to control my thoughts and the world that is projected before me.

I no longer blame anyone for what happens to me. I and I alone am responsible for my actions. Others have appeared in my life to teach me lessons to strengthen me, to teach me endurance and patience. Today, I am thankful to them for the lessons given to me , because through pain and disillusionment I have matured and become the person that I am today. Life did not come to me  with instructions. I have learned my lessons, thanks to all those who appeared in my life from time to time.

By taking responsibility for my actions, I have been able to forgive all those whom I once believed to have harmed me. Forgiveness has cleansed the resentment, and has brought inner peace to me. I have no enemies. Only teachers who  played their part well, to strengthen me. I am thankful to all of them.

Image Credit : the Artist
Words by Me

Friday, June 2, 2017

Float your way to happiness !!!

Zero Resistance

Total Surrender to the Universe

Float your way to Happiness !!!

Whatever happens, happens for the best !!!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Inner Light

Eternal beings of Light we are
Dispelling darkness through Light
Go within Dear Soul
Shine that Inner Light bright !!!

Image Credit : Photo Artist
Words by me

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Dream

Strange are the ways of the Universe
The Spiritual Woman is born through the Beloved
Inhaling love
Exhaling gratitude.

Years before her re-birth
She is given a vision
A dream vivid she never dreamed of.

The beloved is in pain
In labor
She is the witness beside him
He gives birth to a bouncing baby
A golden being radiating love
The dream ends.

Two years later
She is re-born
Through the beloved
A radiant being of  light
Inhaling love
Exhaling gratitude
A Warrior Goddess of
Universal Love.

Strange are the ways of the Universe !!!

Image Credit : The Artist

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The journey to wholeness begins with brokenness.

The journey to wholeness begins with brokenness. So if someone broke your heart, don’t blame him/her. Instead, be thankful that he/she placed you on the path to wholeness. Work on yourself with the understanding that what broke your heart was not love, but attachment to the person. Love is not so poor. It was your ego, that was clinging to what you mistakenly perceived as love. 

You are already whole but in the process of growing up, conditioned by the society, you  forgot your wholeness. In your innocence, you believed the lies that the society told you, that you are weak and powerless, that you are only half and you need another person to complete you. In your innocence, you kept looking for love, for a prince/ss to love you and make you whole. That’s the biggest lie the society has driven into you. Two people begging for love from each other without love for self, are heading for disappointment and disillusionment. There is no way the other can complete you, because both are broken inside. Two broken souls  only damage each other.

So before you look for love again, work on yourself, love yourself and heal yourself. Reclaim your power back. Instead of begging for love, become love. Love empowers and makes you whole ( while attachment sucks the life out of you !! ). 

Become a giver of unconditional love, without discrimination. Don’t be a victim of worldly love. Be a winner of Divine Love and the right people will gravitate towards you.

Become whole and your wholeness will attract another wholeness towards you. That love will be conscious love built on awareness and mutual respect. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Open yourself to abundance !!

Gratitude is my Way of Life

Every cell of my body

vibrate in Gratitude

allowing Divine Love to flow through me

embracing all life, planets, stars and the galaxies

I am one with the Universe !!!

Image Credit : The Artist

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sensitivity is your Strength !!

There is a general acceptance that “ Sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse ”. Being a highly sensitive soul, I have experienced  these extremes to the maximum. I have gone through excruciating pain that ripped my soul apart and split my heart open, allowing me to embrace the light and heal myself to become a stronger person. I have also experienced Divine Love at its highest pedestal, that made me ‘whole’  and put me on my own unique path of Love and Devotion.

If not for my sensitivity and vulnerability, I would not have become the person I am today. Therefore, with sincere gratitude to the Universe for all the experiences I had gone through this journey of life, let me rephrase the above quote.

“ Sensitivity and vulnerability are your most treasured possessions. Make them your strength and they will become blessings from the heaven"

Image Credit : Photo Artist

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Journey continues ...

Today marks the Fifth Anniversary of the day I received the divine call, to embark on a spiritual journey to the unknown. I feel so happy, I had the courage  and the vulnerability to accept the call and surrender myself to the existence, that sent me through the  kiln of love to forge me into the person I am today.

Over a span of five years, I witnessed my 'old self' falling away and the gradual emergence of a new being. I am thankful to all the divine souls who entered my life to lift me up , to inspire me and guide me to discover my own unique path of love & devotion. Through the ups and downs of a spiritual journey of five years, I learned an important lesson. To the one who feels gratitude from his/her heart and soul, life becomes an amazing journey.....

Thank you beloved souls for being in my life !! 

14 th May 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How I came out of Depression

I write because it is my inner calling to share, whatever I had learned through experience on my journey inward, to heal myself and become the best version of myself. Even though each individual journey is unique, I hope my experiences would help  in some way, at least a few who are going through depression, to recover and find their way back to happiness.

I give below the path I followed, the moment I became aware of the depression.

1) Intention
You must have a genuine desire to heal yourself. Instead of wallowing in misery and plunging into deeper depression, make a positive affirmation to yourself. “ I want to heal myself as quickly as possible” and send your intention to the Universe; and don’t forget to thank in advance. Say “ Thank you for healing me ! “ Do this several times a day until it is deeply rooted in your subconsciousness.

2) Take Responsibility
It is natural for the human mind to blame others or the circumstances for driving one to depression. However, it is important to realize that NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE for the state you are in. YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALLOWING YOURSELF TO FALL INTO DEPRESSION AND YOU ALONE CAN COME OUT OF IT.  So take the responsibility and start working your way out of the misery that you yourself had created.

3) Embrace the Pain
I agree, it is the most painful thing but you cannot run away from it. You may postpone it, deny that you have been hurt and try to act strong but eventually, the repressed wounds are going to take the toll by way of manifesting as depression gradually, without you being even aware of it. So be brave and embrace the pain and let yourself feel the pain to the maximum. LET THE HEART BREAK !     I promise your heart can take much more pain than you had ever imagined! Let the heart break, and let the light in, to heal you and make you stronger. Cry as much as you can. Tears are the best healers. You will be amazed how calm and relaxed you would feel after letting out the blocked energies.

04) Meditate
Having cried your heart out now you are in a perfect position to meditate. No, I am not talking about sitting cross-legged with closed eyes. It is a graceful moving meditation developed by OSHO, the Indian Mystic Guru. It’s Kundalini Meditation. The one, that still works best for me.  It helped me to release all the bottled up emotions and made me feel calm and relaxed. For the more energetic ones, the Dynamic Meditation can help. Both Kundalini and Dynamic meditations are usually done in a group but being an introvert, I prefer to practice alone. Make sure that you have one full hour for yourself, undisturbed, and make sure the phone is switched off.
For those who are not familiar with Kundalini meditation here is the link.

05) Practice Self Love
You need to love yourself because no one else is going to love you the way you want to be loved. We have been conditioned to believe that loving one’s self is “selfish”. Having grown up with this mentality, we put others before us and totally forget to love ourselves, which invariably leads one to despair at some point in life. When that happens, there is no other way to come out of it, other than to reverse the whole sequence. “How can you expect others to love you when even you cannot love yourself?” I had to ask myself this question innumerable time to convince myself that self-love is “healthy”. Here are few ways to practice loving yourself.

1.       Accept yourself totally. Look at yourself in the mirror from head to toe and accept yourself as you are, with all your imperfections. Know that you are beautiful in your own unique way! Look into your eyes and take note of the expression. Are they sad, angry or fearful? Your eyes are the mirrors of your soul. Promise yourself to bring love and compassion to your eyes by working on your soul. Start working on inner beauty and the outer body will respond accordingly.
2.       Look at yourself in the mirror as many times as possible. Smile and say “I love you my beautiful soul”. As you continue this practice, you will gradually develop a desire to be beautiful inside out!
3.       Set healthy boundaries. Learn to say “No” when necessary. It is not your duty to please everyone. If it doesn’t agree with your conscience, by all means say “No”.
4.       Love your body. It is the temple of your soul. Your body has served you unconditionally for so many years. Take time to feel thankful to your body. Feel each part of your body lovingly and say “Thank you, I love you”. Your body responds to your touch and will regenerate itself to serve you even better.
5.       Take up Yoga / Sport/ Exercise. Anything to keep you moving and active. I love yoga because it helps me to keep the body and mind together, maintains my flexibility and keeps me in good shape and health. Besides, it is a kind of a physical meditation for me.
6.       Spend time in Nature. Take a walk in the park. Walk barefoot on grass and feel the freshness of the grass moving through your soles and revitalizing the body. Let the Earth absorb your negative energies and replenish you with positive vitality. Lie down on grass or on a bench and gaze at the sky. Talk to the clouds and send your gratitude to the Universe. We are fortunate to be alive on this wonderful planet, aren’t we?
7.       Get yourself immersed in a hobby. Be it reading, writing, painting, music, dancing or anything that brings you joy and keeps your mind focused.

06)  Laugh. Laugh for no reason.
When we laugh, the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness. Healthy production of dopamine will keep you cheerful throughout the day.  For those who find it difficult to laugh, the Laughing Meditation technique of OSHO will definitely help. You may find it very artificial at the beginning, but do not lose heart. After forcing myself to laugh for four days, I cried on the fifth day because it was so difficult to bring myself to laugh. On the sixth day as I was about to give up, I had a ‘glimpse’ of laughter which lasted only for a few seconds. Nevertheless I was encouraged.  On the tenth day, laughter came out as naturally and I was laughing for no reason and feeling like a child again ! Try this. I promise it will be worth trying !

EVERY morning upon waking, before opening your eyes, stretch like a cat. Stretch every fibre of your body. After three or four minutes, with eyes still closed, begin to laugh. For five minutes just laugh. At first you will be doing it, but soon the sound of your attempt will cause genuine laughter. Lose yourself in laughter. It may take several days before it really happens, for we are so unaccustomed to the phenomenon. But before long it will be spontaneous and will change the whole nature of your day.

For those who have difficulty laughing totally or who feel their laughter is false, Osho has suggested this simple technique. In the morning, early, before you have eaten anything, drink almost a bucketful of water – lukewarm with salt in it. Go on drinking it and do it fast, otherwise you will not be able to drink much. Then just bend down and gargle so the water will flow back. It will be a vomiting of the water – and it will clean your passage. Nothing else is needed. There is a block in the passage so that whenever you want to laugh, that stops it.

In Yoga, this is a necessary procedure to be followed. They call it a ‘necessary purification’. It purifies tremendously, and it gives a very clean passage – all the blocks dissolve. You will enjoy it and you will feel the cleanness all day. The laughter and the tears, and even your speaking, will come from the very deep centre.
Do it for ten days and you will have the best laugh around!
Source - OSHO  The Orange Book

07) Practice Gratitude
Feel grateful for everything you have in your life. There are millions out there who are wishing for what you have been given in life. It is gratitude that brings us happiness. Not the other way.

These are my first hand experiences. If you know of other ways to help someone come out of depression, please share and help to grow the list. Thank you for reading.

Published in view of the Mental Health Awareness Month of May 2017.

Image Credit : Photo Artist

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Goddess Warrior is rising……

Through the Kiln of Love
Born the Goddess Warrior
Heart beating in Gratitude
Soul, an echo of Love

She is spreading her wings
To the inner calling
To bring forth the New World
The New Dimension
Of Peace and Love
Her Mission – Oneness.

The Goddess Warrior is rising……

Image Credit : Artist Tsuyoshi Nagano
Words by Me

The Rising

Caught in storm thrown to rock bottom died before death. Goddess is rising from ashes for the new mission Love. Never be...