Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to overcome Resentment and find Happiness again !!

Let the “Light of the Universe” flow through me
Cleansing me of all resentment
Fill my being with “Love and Light”
Leave no room for resentment
I forgive All, 
I am a “Free Soul” !!

Resentment is a demon that consumes our happiness and peace of mind. For a long time in my life I lived with resentment, because I could not approve of the behavior of  some people. I lived a miserable life with a heavy heart, unable to find the cause of my unhappiness. Then something happened that changed my entire life. As if by Divine Grace, I crossed the path of someone who later became my Spiritual Guide. My first problem to put forward was how to find happiness. A detailed introspection revealed that the root cause of my unhappiness was resentment, though it appeared quite insignificant to me at that time.

In his own words, I share below, how conscious awareness helped me to overcome resentment and find happiness again.

“ First of all you must understand that all souls on earth are at various levels of “consciousness”. It is in fact various levels of “enlightenment”. You have to understand it like this…. All the souls on earth, learn through their experiences, and integrating these lessons in their respective “soul memories”. You may also call them “soul lessons” that we take with us from one incarnation to another. We must learn to respect the fact that the specific soul we are interacting with, in the context of situation we are discussing here, might not necessarily be as progressed as yours.”

“They are also travelers like us but they might be going through initial stages of their “consciousness” and would be a better soul in their next incarnation. So in this situation, we have to be more responsible because we might be the one selected to impart some positive energies or lessons to such fragile souls for their future progress”

“We have to remember that all souls are “pure” at the time of birth but due to low level of consciousness and distorted societal beliefs, we start behaving in a bad manner! We are all lovable beings, we just have to realize that souls inside everyone are in fact as beautiful as ours, they too deserve to be loved….. they are crying to be healed but their worldly bodies are resisting it due to “Egos”.

It is my calling to share with the world everything that I learned on my spiritual journey of five years. I am still learning and growing to become the best version of myself. I hope these words I received from a “Pure Soul” will help many others too, to overcome resentment and find happiness again !!! Much Love and Light !!!

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Words by me

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