Saturday, June 3, 2017

Taking Responsibility for my Actions

There was a time I used to blame others for everything that happened to me. I was convinced that if the others had been more considerate, more thoughtful, more understanding, I would not have been in this plight today. It was all his/her/their fault. I was the helpless victim and strangely, I liked playing the victim.

I wouldn’t have failed if the others had helped me.
I would not have made the mistake if the other had supported me.
I would not have forgotten if the other had reminded me.
I could have been a successful person if the others had supported me.
That person spoils my whole day !!

Poor me !! I had failed in life because of what others did or did not do for me. I had mastered the art of putting the blame on others and playing the victim all the time. And I was miserable !!

That was only five years ago, when I simply refused to take responsibility for my actions or what had happened to me. Today, I have an entirely different perspective on life.

I am responsible for ALL my actions and all that had happened to me. No one but myself  is to be blamed for allowing such things to happen to me.

Why can’t I stand on my own feet ?
Why do I need the help of the others to succeed ?
Why can’t I work alone ?
Why do I allow others to pull me down ?
Why do I allow others to destroy my peace of mind ?
Why should my happiness depend on others ?

I am  the Universe, experiencing a human life. I have all the power within me to control my thoughts and the world that is projected before me.

I no longer blame anyone for what happens to me. I and I alone am responsible for my actions. Others have appeared in my life to teach me lessons to strengthen me, to teach me endurance and patience. Today, I am thankful to them for the lessons given to me , because through pain and disillusionment I have matured and become the person that I am today. Life did not come to me  with instructions. I have learned my lessons, thanks to all those who appeared in my life from time to time.

By taking responsibility for my actions, I have been able to forgive all those whom I once believed to have harmed me. Forgiveness has cleansed the resentment, and has brought inner peace to me. I have no enemies. Only teachers who  played their part well, to strengthen me. I am thankful to all of them.

Image Credit : the Artist
Words by Me

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