Thursday, March 23, 2017

Be connected. Be empowered !!

Attachment is often mistaken as love in worldly relationships. We get attracted to a person for some reason and attach ourselves to him/her in the belief that we are in love with that person. Out of this mistaken belief arise expectations, jealousy and the fear of losing that person. Expectation, jealousy and fear are negative energies that rob us of our peace of mind and keep draining us emotionally, reducing us to miserable beings searching for happiness in the outer world.

On the other hand, when we make a soul connection, the bond is formed between two souls. Soul is infinite and not limited by the physical realities of the third dimension. Love flows freely with no conditions, no expectations, but simply for the joy of loving !!  As there is no attachment, there is no expectation of reciprocation from the other. Instead, one feels grateful that the other is there to receive love, irrespective of the type of acknowledgement. As one does not possess the other, there is no fear of losing. Other is not a “person” but an infinite soul. Death is only a transition to a new dimension. Such deep connection of the souls , in fact, empowers us. There is a continuous supply of  “loving energy” radiating in all directions unconditionally. The more love we give out, the more we are empowered !!

Be connected. Be empowered.

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