Friday, April 28, 2017

The Divine Call

On a soulful journey
In search of Light
I looked within me - in solitude
And found - I had company !

Illuminating my soul
You dwell in my heart
In absolute silence,
You have become
The Voice within !!

“ I am the Universe - So are you
Loving and neutral - One in Soul !!

“ Look beyond darkness
Embrace the Light !!
An eternal soul you are
Awaiting the higher call
Stop clinging
AND LET GO !!! “

The words echo in my ears
Vibrate in my heart
Each waking moment
Whispered in to my Soul !!!

YES !!! My beloved,
Let go, I will
Of all the sadness  
The painful bondage 
of worldly love
With one  long sigh……  I let go …

A new being  is ready
to explore again
A New Dimension …

My Beloved,
How can I ignore
The Divine Call ?

Image Credit : The Artist

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